Your perfect smile is just around the corner. With state-of-the-art advances in modern dentistry, we are able to offer both long-lasting and beautiful treatment options to our patients.

Traditional Custom

This option is for patients with existing sets of dentures or for patients without teeth. Dr. Dove is happy to make you a set of custom, comfortable and natural looking teeth.


Immediate dentures are available for patients considering transitioning from natural teeth to dentures. These are made prior to the tooth removal and are inserted during the extraction appointment. In this circumstance, patients have a denture to function with and serve as a band aid while healing.

Removable Partial

Partial dentures replace missing teeth. This can be done with a temporary partial, a metal type partial or a flexible type partial. Dr. Dove will be happy to go over all your options if you are considering this treatment option.


Same day repairs are available for patients. Please call early in the day, so that we can get your dentures returned to you in the evening.